USA Gymnastics Update

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is going well with your club’s re-opening.

I had two 5 hour zoom calls with USA Gymnastics the past 2 Saturdays.  Here are the updates for this year.

1)    Please make sure your current email is what is on your USA Gymnastics profile.  USA Gymnastics wants the SACC’s to send out information to current active members and active clubs. 

If you did not receive and email from [email protected],  then your email is not correct on USA Gymnastics website.  This is the last email from Randy’s list on Constant Contact. 

2)    There have been a few clarifications to the rules for the JO program for upcoming season. Please go to USA Gymnastics and look for the minutes and read those so you are as up to date as you can be. Items like the number of kids per mixed sessions has changed, a coach can ask for a video review at any meet, these are a few.

3)      New compulsory routines are finished.  Master Workshops dates are on USAG’s website.

4)      As we get back into the groove, please be aware of the declaration date to decide what level your athlete will compete at state meet. After the declaration date, an athlete will not be able to drop back.

With the compulsories moving to the winter season for this year, I propose we have the compulsory drop back date 3 weeks before state like the optionals.

5)      There will be no more introductory athlete registrations this year. USA Gymnastics used to subsidize those memberships. The insurance carrier charges the same for all registered athletes, so with insurance rates going up, they can no longer afford to continue that practice.

6)      On the meet reservation app, you can now mark a level/division full, not just the entire meet.

7)      While registering athletes is the parent’s responsibility, the club administrator can now go in and add/change club number.

8)      Sanctions are open, you must follow local guidelines for crowds.

9)      Meet directors, just a reminder you need to publish all meet scores to the MYUSA app.

Remember to fill out the survey about running a compulsory meet in 2020-2021, even if you just check you are not planning on running one. 



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