1. Use ProScore version 5.0 or higher. Download upgrades from Auburn Electronics Group. USAGym has begun using 7 digit athlete numbers.

2. Enter all teams coming to your meet into Proscore setup. When entering teams, use the official name and then the short name supplied below. Please enter the short name EXACTLY as it appears on the list, using upper and lower case, punctuation and spacing as shown. Especially note M & M – uses space before and after &.

3. Enter gymnasts’ information carefully and correctly or download from the USAGym website. All zeros must be entered in gymnast’s athlete numbers.

4. Use short names for clubs as listed below. Please do not change or alter the names in any way.  Do not add numbers or WI to names. No numbers or extra letters should be in your short name. If an incorrect short name appears when you register for a meet on usagym, you may edit by using the edit button and correcting it.

5. Please contact Jane at [email protected] if a gym’s name and short name are not on the WI list.

6.  After your meet email the Proscore Transfer File to [email protected]. (not just the results pages)
How To E Mail Results:
1. Go to File, click on Export
2. Enter meet name
3. Click on Export, click OK. You have sent the Proscore Transfer File (PTF) to your hard drive.
4. Email the file as an attachment.
5. File should be emailed within 5 days of the end of the meet.
6. Please email me or call me at home with any questions you may have. (414-425-8725) I’m available most mornings at home. Thanks for your cooperation, Jane
Official Name – Short Name
Air Force Gymnastics – Air Force
Altius Gymnastics – Altius
AMKM Gymnastics-AMKM
Badger Gymanstics – Badger
Bay Area Gymnastics – Bay Area
Blue Angels Gymnastics – Club Blue Angels
Capital Gymnastics – Capital
Carousel Gymnastics – Carousel
Creative School of the Arts – CSA-Kids
Cushing Gymnastics – Cushing
Dells Gymnastics Center – Dells
Deutsch’s Gymnastics – Deutsch’s
Eau Claire YMCA – Eau Claire
Exceptional Athletics – Exceptional Athletic
Flex Gymnastics – Flex
Flip City Gymnastics – Flip City
Greater Waukesha County YMCA-GWCY
Gymfinity Gymnastics – Gymfinity
GymHawks Gymnastics – GymHawks
Gymlingo – Gymlingo
GymSport – GymSport
Heart of the Valley Twisters – HOTV
Hub City Gymnastics – Hub City
Hudson School of Gymnastics – Hudson
Infinite Gymnastics – Infinite
Jump Around Gymnastics – Jump Around
LaFleur’s Gymnastics – LaFleur’s
Lake City Twisters – Lake City
Livingston Twisters – Liv. Twist.
M & M Gymnastics – M & M
(Put a space before and after the ‘&’)
Madison Turners – Turners
Madtown Twisters – Madtown
Marinette-Menominee YMCA – MMY
Middleton Gymnastics Academy – MGA
Midwest Twisters – Midwest
If they compete as seperate teams use Midwest-Frank Midwest-Hart Midwest-Oak
Milwaukee Turners – Milw. Turn.
North Shore Academy of Gymnastics – North Shore
Pardeeville Gymnastics – Pardeeville
Prairie Kids Club – PKC
Precision Athletics – Precision Athl.
Precision Gymnastics – Precision Gym.
Premier Complex Gymnastics – Premier Complex
Racine Gymnastics Center – Racine
Rainbow Gymnastics-Rainbow
Rock River Gymnastics – Rock River
Russell Gymnastics – Russell
SAGA Gymnastics – SAGA
Salto Gymnastics – Salto
Scamps Gymnastics – Scamps
Sparta Rebel Gymnastics-Sparta
Starz Gymnastics – Starz
Stateline YMCA – Stateline
Stout Elite Gymnastics Academy – Stout Elite
Stoughton Tumblers – Stoughton
Sunrays Gymnastics-Sunrays
Swiss Turners Gymnastics – Swiss
Team UP Ultimate Performance – Team UP
Tri County Gymnastics – Tri County
Twin Ports Gymnastics – Twin Ports
Ultimate Fusion Athletics – Ultimate
Walworth County Gymnastics Center – WCGC
Waupun Gymnastics Club – Waupun
Wautoma Gymnastics – Wautoma
Wildcard Gymnastics – Wildcard
Wind Lake Gymnastics Center – Wind Lake
Woodson YMCA – Woodson Y