2019 Regionals Petition Information

2019 Regional Petition Information
As we near our qualifying meets for Regional Championships we would like to remind everyone of the procedure to petition to a Regional Meet.
1.       The only two reasons for Regional petitions are illness or injury. Please do not send a petition for any other reason. They will not be accepted.
2.      The athlete must have a meet with a MINIMUM All Around score of 1.0 over the qualifying score of the Regional Meet.
3.      The petition must include the Illness/Injury Petition Form, which can be found in the “Forms” section of the Region 4 website, a copy of the results to verify 1.0 or more over the qualifying score, and a note from a LICENSED medical professional that verifies the injury, and the DATE that the athlete may return to activity.
4.      You must notify the appropriate person of your intent to petition by the end of Monday following the meet.
5.      You must get all paperwork listed in #3 to the appropriate person by the end of Wednesday following the meet.
6.      All JO petitions, 6 & 7 and 8-10, must be submitted to the RTC, Linda Thorberg – [email protected]. All Xcel Petitions must be submitted to the RXCC, Megan Robinson – [email protected].
Please contact the appropriate chair with any questions.
Linda Thorberg – Region 4 RTC
Megan Robinson – Region 4 RXCC
Megan Robinson
Region 4 Xcel Chairman