Wisconsin State Meets

Xcel State Meet March 25-26, 2017  WCGC

Rotation Schedule final Xcel State 2017 WI

Meet Settings WI Xcel state 2017

Session WI Xcel State Meet 2017 rev

  • Bronze 7 & under are in session R6

Xcel State 2017 Results:  MyUSAGym.com

Xcel State meet packet 2017




Level 2  State Meet December 10-11, 2016   SAGA

Results:  myusagym.com/meets/live/59996/



State Meet 2016-packet Level 2

More Level 2 info at:  Level 2 State Meet Info

Qualifying scores for Level 3 –  33.0, Level 4 – 32.0,   Level 5  – 31.0.

Qualifying to state meet  for Level 2 is participation in 2 seasonal meets or by petition to SAC.



Future State Meets

Compulsory State Meet Rotations – Clubs must have hosted a qualifier on the state schedule at least 3 years before running State meet. A State Meet bid must still be submitted and approved by the SAC.

Clubs may trade years with SAC approval or decline and drop to the bottom of the list. New clubs will be added at the bottom of the list.

Year L-3-5 L6-10 L-2 Xcel
2015-16 WCGC Gymfinity Midwest M & M
2016-17 Gymfinity CSA SAGA WCGC
2017-18 Wildcard Midwest Starz SAGA
2018-19 Swiss LaFleurs Gymfinity Starz
2019-20 Air Force Salto Altius Gymfinity
2020-21 SAGA WCGC M & M Midwest
2021-22 Starz Air Force Scamps Altius
2022-23 Salto SAGA Salto Scamps
2023-24 Altius Starz Wildcard CSA
2024-25 M&M M & M *CSA Wildcard
2025-26 Midwest Scamps WCGC Salto
2026-27 Scamps Swiss
2027-28 LaFleurs Wildcard
2028-29 CSA Altius